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Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Dude! I totally got us the 2 a.m. slot at the Whiskey. Rock!

So last night there was a Gilmore girls panel at the MTR in L.A.

A noted Gg enthusiast attended and reveals this:

"...Graham doing her Sebastian Bach impersonation nearly caused me to pass out ("He is the nicest person who has ever lived." --Graham) then DP talks about how he and Lane and Zach and the other dude [QV note: Brian!] and Sebastian go to clubs on Sunset Blvd. together and Sebastian seems to think they really are a band and promotes them to people at the clubs as such..."


"... ASP said Keiko [Agena] actually went out and learned drums and she felt bad, given how gung ho Sebastian is about the band, that they haven't written any songs for them to play."

For the record, I would pay approximately $1.4 million to see LG's SB impression. Hopefully it will be a DVD extra at some point and I'll only have to pay around $45.

Also: Episode #100 in < 90 minutes.

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