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Saturday, September 13, 2003


The Brown Bunny. #014:

"Ebert didn't just pan the film, but sang, farted and burped during its screening."

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Book of the Moment. #003: The Fortress of Solitude - Jonathan Lethem (2003, Doubleday, out on 9/16/03).

Salon review (.rtf).

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The Brown Bunny. #013:

Mike D'Angelo gave The Brown Bunny a relative rave at Cannes (51/C+). He gives the new cut, now showing in Toronto, a 13-pt upgrade, which puts it in his B range:

The Brown Bunny (Vincent Gallo, USA): 64 (Cannes cut: 51)
[Much improved -- this is such a small, fragile film that it's hard to believe Gallo ever thought it should run two full hours. Ending still doesn't work, but at least now it's mildly unsatisfying rather than mind-bogglingly stupid. Driving sequences still intact, thank god.]

Gallo, Intercontinental Hotel patio, Wednesday, 9/10/03. Picture from Jeff Wells's Hollywood Elsewhere column.

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Friday, September 12, 2003


RIP. #003:

Johnny Cash.


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RIP. #002:

John Ritter.

From Esquire's "70 Things That Make Us Happy To Be Alive", October 2003 issue:

#21. The inspiring stick-to-it-iveness of John Ritter.

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Fun Movie News. #018:

Dallas 362: 83
[Fairly explodes off the screen, and that's before the most kinetic, astonishing opening-credits sequence since Se7en. Settles down thereafter into a freewheeling, raggedy, '70s-on-steroids groove, telling a familiar (maybe even trite) story with such confidence, exuberance and virtuosity that the occasional missteps (mostly in the last few minutes) hardly even register. In a just and righteous universe, Hatosy, Goldblum and Lynch would have a realistic shot at an Oscar-night hat trick. Camera forever precisely where it ought to be. Edited so deftly that every cut threatens to draw blood. Best source music you've heard in ages. In every way a superlative debut. Bite me, Sofia.] - Mike D'Angelo on the writing/directing debut from Scott Caan.

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Wednesday, September 10, 2003


Music Wars.

A live Town Hall with Leo Laporte and Chuck D? Check it.

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Black Francis. Kim Deal. David Lovering. Joey Santiago.

The Pixies are back.

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Fun Movie News. #017:

Intolerable Cruelty (2003, Joel [and Ethan] Coen) 80
[Fear not: It's still very much a Coen Bros film through and through, albeit one with an occasional throwaway sop to mainstream America. Variety's certain this'll be the Coens' biggest success ever, but I'm definitely not convinced {and that's a compliment}.] - Jared Sapolin, 9/9/03.


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Tuesday, September 09, 2003


Footnote included.

The October 2003 issue of Esquire celebrates their 70th anniversary. As part of this rave-up, they list the 70 greatest sentences to appear in their pages. David Foster Wallace made the cut with this Michael Chang-based gem:

"He has a mushroom-shaped head, inky-black hair, and an expression of deep and intractable unhappiness, as unhappy a face I've seen outside a graduate creative-writing program.44

44. Chang's mother is here - one of the most infamous of the dreaded Tennis Parents of the men's and women's tours, a woman who's reliably rumored to have reached down her child's shorts in public to check his underwear - and her attendance (she's seated hierophantically in the player-guest boxes courtside) may have something to do with the staggering woe of Chang's mien and play."

- "The String Theory," 1996.

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The Red Bow, revisited.

This Esselle post suggested an old-school, ink-on-paper Esquire purchase for the new George Saunders story. In case you missed out, get it here.

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Monday, September 08, 2003


Chocolate & Cheese.

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