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Friday, August 15, 2003


The defense continues to look for Clues.

"Your honor, we're convinced it was the goat-headed figure with an ax in the theater balcony."

A little update on this Peterson thing I posted about a few months ago.

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Um, Paul, where's the pea soup?

Studio may oust Schrader. Eyeing director who can provide the requisite projectile vomiting.

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Thursday, August 14, 2003


YOU'RE Hendrix. WE'RE The Beatles.

Travis, still archive-less so this is a limited-time-only thing, has this covers suggestions discussion up right now. Here's a sample:

System of a Down: "Sunrise Sunset." I love this song. Broadway tunes are the best. I want to hear that sung by someone who can really dig into the melodramatic central Eurasian quality of the tune. Since this band is made up of, like, a Turk, an Armenian, an Uzbek, and a Uighur, or something, they'd do it right.

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This is the second post this week that references Gigli, the stuff of two-week-old Jay Leno monologues, an entity already in the advanced stages of pop culture decay, but The MovieMartyr throws down some admirable critical boldness. And I was not aware that PTA's cinematographer, Robert Elswit, shot this thing.

And so Walken is in this. This guy was in top form for that Denis Leary roast on the Comedy Central. He did a little filmed bit and ended by calling Leary "a delicious mushpuff."

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Sometimes they scream.

Fred "Rerun" Berry is very eager to talk to you.

What's more bizarre - this directory or the California governor recall ballot? Diff'rent Strokes is equally represented, so that guy who played Horshack needs to jump in the race for the Kotter squad.

$19.95 for a 15-second phone call from a faded star? I'll pay that price for this instead:

"Hey, Rob. It's Courtney. Nice Brando post. I set the pic as my desktop wallpaper. [loud screaming at various nannies and assistants] I sent the link to Stipe. He said he nearly wet himself from laughing." CLICK.

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I Like These Films, Do You Like These Films? #004: Young Sherlock Holmes (Barry Levinson, 1985)

From DVDFile.com:

"And as one of the last Steven Spielberg-produced 80's favorites fans are still waiting for, Paramount Home Entertainment will finally release the Barry Levinson-directed thriller-comedy Young Sherlock Holmes on December 2nd. Newly remastered and presented in widescreen, extras are TBA, but stay tuned..."

Thriller-comedy! Levinson and his genre mash-ups! I saw this in the theater when it was released in 1985 and I've always loved it. One of the most underrated films of the 1980s.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003


Cheez Whiz.

QV Newswire -- Sen. John Kerry made a bold alliance today with former President Bill Clinton, seeking crucial eating tips for the campaign trail.

After a disasterous incident at Pat's Steaks in Philadelphia, Kerry called for help.

"Man, they nailed me in Philly. Nibbling daintily. I don't know what I was thinking," the disgraced Senator told Clinton on Wednesday. "I'll definitely need that 'Que seminar before heading to North Carolina."

Clinton's aggressive eating habits were widely publicized during the 1992 campaign, most notably in a Saturday Night Live sketch in which the late Phil Hartman tore through a McDonald's, devouring an array of items from customers' trays while simultaneously spouting key policy points.

"This is the kind of multi-tasking I'm after," said Kerry. "Regrettable as it may be, this election will turn on these kinds of issues. If I need to be a messier eater, I will work on it. Cheese selection will also be very important."

Kerry said he was looking forward to redeeming himself on a trip to Chicago.

"I've never been a big a fan of deep-dish pizza, but I just don't think I really gave it a fair chance," Kerry told reporters.

Some campaign aides say Kerry's progress has been swift.

"I saw him eat several Krispy Kreme donuts for breakfast this morning," said Carl Showalter. Showalter also noted that Kerry shook several hands of registered voters without wiping the donut detritus from his fingers.

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The Brown Bunny. #011:

"If I had any metaphysical powers I would heal the sick."

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"Veteran actor Marlon Brando has been revealed as the unexpected grandfather of wild rocker Courtney Love in a new book. The singer's mother, psychologist Linda Carroll, claims she has taken DNA tests to confirm she is the Godfather star's daughter. Love, former wife of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain, says, "I am incredibly shocked by this news. I have heard Mr. Brando has more than 30 children so I can't imagine how many cousins I have." The link is Linda's mother, novelist Paula Fox. She met Brando in the 1940's through famed drama teacher Stella Adler, and the two enjoyed a brief liaison. However, it is not known whether 79-year-old recluse Brando knows that Linda - who was given up for adoption - was the result of this. Brando has 11 acknowledged children, although is thought to have many more. Carroll's book in which she makes the revelation, is as yet unreleased." [source: IMDB.]

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Tuesday, August 12, 2003


Boo Radley.

Some nice mentions in this 100 "long-forgotten" (have we already forgotten Bill Murray's work in Rushmore?) performances list.

Of the more recent citations, I like Illeana Douglas in Ghost World, Mark Ruffalo in You Can Count On Me, and Tony Shalhoub in Big Night. The first is just fun stuff ("I thought it might be your father."); the other two are Oscar-worthy.

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Monday, August 11, 2003


The Brown Bunny. #010:

Gallo missed the mark on his curse, but Ebert did get the cancer. By the way, "cancer" is apparently an illness that causes one to give all films 3 stars, and rate Gigli a full star higher than this. I wish Roger a speedy recovery.

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Beatle Bob.

Back in May, I linked to the audio for this song. Here's the video.

And: loyalists and dabblers.

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