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Saturday, April 26, 2003


Geschaft ist sehr Speise.

P-DL opened in Germany, and this guy digs it.

UPDATE: In English, please.

UPDATE 2: That's that - apparently, the original Tykwer article in German has disappeared from Spiegel Online. I apologize to my vast German readership. Please try to make do with the English translation.

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Friday, April 25, 2003


The Genius List. #023: Bob Balaban.

Sartre-like puppet shows.

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Thursday, April 24, 2003


The mysterious stench of Bob Hoskins.

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Deadly SARS virus declared abstract expressionist masterpiece. Headed to MOMA, fall 2003.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2003


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The lush harmonies of Trent Reznor and Bobby Pollard.

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password: fidelio

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003


Resume Detritus. #004:

From what I guess was some kind of non-resume thingy:

"I do not have a resume because I have been employed at the same place since 1989."

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Resume Detritus. #003:

This resume was posted online. Instead of putting their first and last name on the header, they dropped this:

"Anything you can do...I can do...equal!"

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Resume Detritus. #002:

Entire resume:

"Objective to be a member of the xxxx xxxxx team. work diligently to maintain, and be responsible for the team's continued rapid growth. as current market conditions change: to inovate / create / develop and exploit niches in order to sustain growth and profitability as various market segments mature and saturation rates / levels stagnate. to achieve the next level of personal and professional sucess!"

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Resume Detritus, first in a series. #001:

(bits of actual resumes sent to one of these. Then someone sent them to me.)

This information was listed under: Education, Honors and Awards:


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Do you want me to call them for you, dear?

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Monday, April 21, 2003


Classic Names. #003: Roddy Woomble.

Vocalist for the rock band Idlewild.

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Classic Names. #002: Nedge.

(Male) Cashier/Front-Service Clerk. See Nedge live.

No doubt Nedge is the recipient of unending teasing at the hands of his L. Luthor-ish nemesis and assorted other co-workers - after all, it's a girl's name.

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Sunday, April 20, 2003


Words of Wisdom. #003:

"You see, I still have real breasts. I don't mean to brag; it's just true. I have lived in L.A. for more than three years now, and out here, God-given breasts are rare. Augmented and silicone-enhanced breasts are so common that they have become a personal gift. They are the perfect foil for my perfectly real and, honestly, superior jugs. Men see me with my 100-percent-original rack, and they are so appreciative. This is the gift that fake breasts have given me. They've given my breasts value.

I just walk down the street where I live in Hollywood, and my breasts and I just about get a hero's welcome. We are so damn unique in this land of homogenized anatomy. I'm a Mickey Mantle Topps card. An Indian-head penny. I'm Franklin Minty! What was once seen as a gift to the male gender has become a gift to the nonparticipating female - me! Thank you, Pamela. Thank you, Demi. And, to quote Alanis, thank you, disillusionment."
- Sarah Silverman, from "A Few Words About My Breasts", Esquire, February 1999, p. 92.

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