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Friday, July 18, 2003


I am going to paste it into photoshop, make a shrine of it, and then set it as my background wallpaper.

Even if you're not interested in "hardcore punkrock", I think you can admire this SOMB post by "felldownawell". Man - call the rescue team and keep this guy writing ...

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Thursday, July 17, 2003


In that specific order.

Metallica-branded footballs, Metallica-branded sweatshirts and sunglasses — but no "Metallica-branded chords".

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I Like These Records, Do You Like These Records? #009:
Visqueen - King Me (2003, BlueDisguise)

So far, this series has only featured records from 1988 - 1996. Ok, here's a new one and it's my favorite record of this year. I found out about this band while flipping through a recent issue of Rolling Stone. The blurb said something about "power pop" or "punk pop" and cited a female lead singer. That was about all I needed, but I also got the fact that Kim Warnick, bassist for the Fastbacks, was in the band. And but so I found their website and everything seemed to be in order there, and then I half 'd it up for $5.99.

It's 27 minutes of pure, rock-n-roll fun. Get it as soon as possible and listen to it 100 times. Rachel Flotard, lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter, is the real Deal (ha ha - AMG also cites Zander and Pollard, and I definitely get a Pollard vibe on track 3, "Last to Know").

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Fun Movie News. #004:


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Wednesday, July 16, 2003


An urgent guitar clarion call builds into a relentlessly fast-paced song, featuring a hard-hitting chorus and enigmatic lyrics. And watch out for the sizzling guitar solo in the middle!

Very fun, track-by-track preview of the upcoming Iron Maiden album on the official site. I don't doubt any of it.

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The Fork drops an 8.0 on the new Medicine record.

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Tuesday, July 15, 2003


"Just a fun B-movie".

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The QV has finally overwhelmed Mr. Kevin Shields [1, 2, 3].

They're headed back to the studio.

[Note to Fork: Colm, not Colin. And Deb Googe was not a vocalist; she played bass.]

[UPDATE: Fork correction: "The trio of Kevin Shields, Colm O'Ciosiog and Bilinda Butcher (bassist Debbie Googe hasn't recorded with the band since the Strawberry & Wine EP)" What? As far as I know (and AMG confirms), Googe is the bass player on the two post-S & W lps, Isn't Anything and Loveless.]

[UPDATE 2: Second correction! Finally, some accurate Deb Googe reportage!: "(bassist Debbie Googe is not present at the sessions)".]

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Discos & Dragons.

Embarrassingly convenient!

Pricey and worth it.

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Monday, July 14, 2003


"The only thing we got wrong in the story was, she's alive," said Thomas. "The story wasn't all about the dead part. It was also about voter fraud."

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Fun Movie News. #003:

An audio commentary featuring esteemed director Steven Soderbergh interviewing esteemed director Steven Soderbergh will appear on Criterion's upcoming DVD edition of his 1996 smash hit, Schizopolis. In the interview, Soderbergh discusses his meteoric rise to fame and his continued vitality and importance in the world of contemporary cinema. Look for Criterion’s Schizopolis this fall.

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Not for public consumption.

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"America's Sweetheart".

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Sunday, July 13, 2003


Man on the Moon.

"Some say Mr. Grohl, the former drummer in Nirvana, became one of rock's most surprisingly successful frontmen with his band the Foo Fighters. Others say that after his recent stint as a drummer in Queens of the Stone Age, his true talent is and always has been behind the trap set. But perhaps they are all wrong. Mr. Grohl's calling may be Vegas or the Catskills or at least his own HBO comedy special. He's no Phil Collins or John Bonham, but rather he's rock's Andy Kaufman. His personality, his videos, his guest appearances and his forthcoming mock*-heavy-metal side project, Probot, all bear this out, but nothing does so more than the new Foo Fighters "DVD/EP" (RCA), which contains several videos by the band, including one for Low"** (ram / wmv). Shot like a home movie, it features Mr. Grohl and the actor, comedian and singer Jack Black checking into a motel room. Inside, they goof off, destroy the room and maul each other to comic effect before dressing up as women and passing out together. In a Kaufman-esque stunt, before the release of the video, the band leaked excerpts to Web sites, claiming that it was unauthorized party footage of Mr. Grohl and Mr. Black." - Neil Strauss, The New York Times, 7/13/03.

*why "mock", Mr. Strauss?

**banned by MTV!! [MTV banning anything is an easy joke setup, but I can't resist: how is five minutes of Grohl and JB mixing it up in a motel room any worse than the ridiculous "debauchery" of, say, The Real World: Las Vegas?]

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Bob is an actor. Bob is lost. Bob doesn't speak the language.

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