Quo Vadimus

Wednesday, April 30, 2003


So I'm in one of these the other day and one of the three (all "on the clock"? It couldn't possibly take three people to sort through BMG castaways, could it?) clerks was manning the in-store stereo and for the duration of my visit, he was spinning this. It was good. J shreddin' and warblin' and all. I plucked this for $5.99 and just started spying on people. Some guy that looked exactly like him was holding this. But he put it back. Couldn't "pull the trigger". His "metal" friends would mock him.

And but so just as I am preparing to exit, the guy switches discs and I figure he'd come back with something similar or the "emo" kid would put something in or the "hip hop" guy would put something in. Hell no. He put this in. Probably as some kind of ha ha ironic laugh-em-up, although it kept playing several songs deep. It was staying in. It rocked.

posted by Linus | 12:14 PM