Quo Vadimus

Saturday, April 12, 2003


Words of Wisdom, first in a series. #001:

"I defrosted the icebox with a hammer. hours later tracy noticed an awfully powerful fume & so we thought it was free-on so we got the animals outside & the fumes became so bad that we couldn't go in the apt at all. it started to burn our skin & so we stayed next door for 1 night & in tacoma the 2nd night & turns out it wasn't free on but even more of a deadly gas called sulfer dioxide. Its like if you were to fill a bucket of bleach & ammonia & tie someones face to it. I left a butter scotch swiss miss pudding out over night & it turned bright flourescent green. So dont beat on your icebox with a hammer."
- Kurt Cobain, in a letter to Dale Crover, Journals (Riverhead Books, 2002), p. 64.

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