Quo Vadimus

Saturday, April 19, 2003


Words of Wisdom. #002:

"As far as drug use is concerned, so what I say," Mr. Colbert said. "A lot of performers, probably many on this dais here, have used drugs to relax them, to make them confident, to make them funny. And if there is a drug that can make Chevy Chase funny, then I say that is a wonder drug. And a heaping bowl of whatever that drug is should be brought up to this dais and force-fed to Kevin Meaney."
Mr. Colbert concluded his segment by saying he'd like to offer "a little bit of warning to the rest of the people" who were going to roast Mr. Chase. "Before you attack him, think," he said. "There may come a day in your darkest hour when you are a shadow of your, albeit paper-thin self. And when that day comes, I hope that you are cheered up by something that Mr. Chase so famously said. He's Chevy Chase and you're not. If that doesn't cheer you up, then I don't know what will."
- Stephen Colbert, 9/28/2002, New York Friars Club roast of Chevy Chase.

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