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Thursday, November 20, 2003


Fun Movie News. #038:

Jeff Wells says:

Patty Jenkins' MONSTER (Newmarket, opening 12.24) came as a surpise. The film delivers far more touchingly than I anticipated, and Charlize Theron's lead performance is pretty close to a revelation.


And yes, Theron's amazingly Wournos-like appearance, which came about from her adding 30 pounds and wearing prosthetic teeth and having her skin blemished by special makeup...this too is forgotten once she starts submerging herself in this woefully tragic character, a process that begins the instant she first appears on screen.

It's a truly brilliant portrayal by Theron, whom I never perceived as being capable of this kind of work. The repressed rage she uses to make Wournos come alive is amazing. She's literally trembling with it all through the film. Her Aileen is looking for love and refuge every step of the way, but she's so consumed by anger and is so imprisoned by the brutalities inflicted upon her going back to her early teenage years that she can't break out of it, and is basically doomed from the get-go.


Theron is going to be get some Best Actress action from this, trust me -- the critics, an Academy nomination, a Golden Globe. In fact, it's now looking like a close competition between Theron and two other big-time sufferers -- Naomi Watts in 21 GRAMS and Jennifer Connelly in HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG.

UPDATE: The trailer.

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