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Friday, November 14, 2003


Ha Ha.

The new Mates of State record, Team Boo, is very good, but their new video is "too arty"!!

From Polyvinyl Records:

Bruce Conner has been an original influence and innovator for thousands of film makers since 1958. Antonia Christina Basilotta (aka Tony Basil) made her film debut in Dennis Hoppers' Easy Rider before scoring a gold album and #1 hit with 1982's "Mickey." So what do the two have in common with Mates of State? Actually, quite a lot. The video for "Ha Ha" draws it's inspiration from Conner's 1966 "Breakaway" video which many consider to be the first music video. Basilotta starred as the breakaway dancing vixen who by video's end is fully nude. And despite paying homage to such an important video in the medium's history and despite keeping most of their clothes on, MTV still rejected the Mates video, deeming it "too arty." They have however been gracious enough to host it on MTV.com.

MTV / Quicktime.

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