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Tuesday, December 02, 2003


Vinnie Vincent Invasion.

Nice Strokes riff from Eppy. Here's a follow-up of sorts:

FEBRUARY: The first great video of 2004 is released by the Strokes. "Between Love and Hate" portrays the Strokes (and Drew Barrymore) as a rogue New York City street gang trying to make it from the Bronx to Coney Island via the subway. Along the way, they battle an all-girl gang called the Lizzies (predictably portrayed by the Donnas) and a group of Louisville Slugger-wielding thugs called the Baseball Furies (inexplicably portrayed by Boards of Canada). Sadly, the plot loses momentum when the band emerge from the subterranean chaos at Manhattan's Union Square subway station and spend the next four hours in a Virgin Megastore. - Chuck Klosterman, SPIN, January 2004.

CK does a month-by-month look at '04 and here are two more months:

JULY: In an interview with Kerrang!, Lars Ulrich claims that Metallica never actually cut their hair off when they made Load. The guys in Live grow back all of their hair and promise to "get back to writing songs about placentas." Hair returns to Broadway (with Jack Black starring alongside that naked chick from Swimming Pool). Ryan Adams becomes a spokesman for Aqua Net and joins a summer package tour with Poison, Vinnie Vincent Invasion, Kingdom Come, and the re-formed Warrant 96. He blows them all off the stage (well, not Vinnie Vincent, but almost).

DECEMBER: Axl Rose releases Chinese Democracy. It's awesome. Subsequently, China becomes a democracy. It's merely okay.

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