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Tuesday, February 03, 2004


Book of the Moment. #005-006:

Project X - Jim Shepard (2004, Knopf).

"Project X is a vivid, unforgettable, and heart-rending book that left me sort of in love with young Edwin, wishing I could turn back time, drop into the book, and give the poor kid the attention he deserves. Jim Shepard is a fantastic writer--compassionate, funny and fearless--and he has written a frightening reflection on our times, that does what great writing always does: inspires us to look more closely at life, and be more caring." --George Saunders

Shepard also has a new story collection out - Love and Hydrogen (2004, Vintage).

"This is one of the most important collections in years, because Shepard does so many things that are all too rare in the medium. He gives us red-blooded characters who leave the living room and fly, kayak, dive, search, and emerge from swamps to devour unwitting campers. Stories about dissolving marriages are fine, but how about two gay engineers on the Hindenberg? Or a 19th century man searching for a giant half-shark/half-whale? These are uniformly bold and exhilarating stories. Let's hope Shepard becomes as influential as he should be. He's the best we've got." --Dave Eggers

UPDATE: Freaks and Geeks.

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