Quo Vadimus

Tuesday, February 10, 2004


Totally wretched.

Here's Dero's Chicago Sun-Times review (4 stars compared to the 5 bunnies). I'm glad he likes the album, but his review is terrible and contains writing at least as bad as some of the reviews Christgau discussed in his Village Voice piece (Begrand's Shins review: "... these guys are definitely the genuine article." vs. Dero's cliche rave-up: "... among the best money could buy", "... Love has delivered the goods.", etc.)

Not to mention this funny wordplay: "Like a cockroach after the nuclear holocaust or Keith Richards, ..." A Keith Richards joke! That guy did a lot of drugs and just won't die! He looks like he's dead, but he's not, in fact, dead! His skin is weird and he slurs his words, but he rocks on! Good stuff, Jim.

He also calls Celebrity Skin "fairly wretched". What a jerk. I should leave him a message. And record it. Let the audio blogging begin!

posted by Linus | 1:56 PM