Quo Vadimus

Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Episodes XVI-?

I lost track of this Eggers novel-in-progress thing and haven't read any since episode XV. Oh, well. I'm sure that McSweeney's will eventually publish some leather-bound, Oddi-printed complete volume and I can buy it for $35 and then add it to the stack. For those interested, said stack now includes a $1.75 Half'd hardcover edition of Heidi Julavits's The Effect of Living Backwards. Here's what frequent QV guest -- and blurber of choice -- George Saunders had to say about it:

"An absolute tour de force of apparently limitless imaginative ability, deep psychological insight, and astonishing verbal precision. In one fell swoop, Julavits establishes herself as the Scheherazade of the new Anti-Terror Age. Funny, unnerving, sophisticated, and dazzling in the range of its invention, The Effect of Living Backwards is a terrific and important addition to our literature." - GS.

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