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Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Fun with Roth. #017:

From this piece on "Cocktails for a Cause", some celebrity bartending charity event in NYC:

A few minutes before this exciting moment in journalism, we had run into DAVID LEE ROTH talking to Mr. Schirripa and Mr. Sirico.

Mr. Roth, wearing pinstriped vest and pants and a leather jacket, alluded to the "colorful allegations" going around about him, allegations that we were afraid we hadn't heard.

"I'm more about 'go fast' than 'slow down' with a drink in the hand," clarified Mr. Roth, who laughed frequently, and when he laughed, leaned way back, as if trying to see how much we were enjoying ourselves. "I haven't been to sleep since the late 80's!"

The music in the club was loud and Mr. Roth leaned in, his nose nuzzling the ear of our female correspondent.

"The only music I ever listen to routinely is dance music," he told us. And then, hotly in the ear, in a stream, nay, an Amazon of consciousness, he continued:

"I grew up in a combination of private, dignified boarding schools that are right out of that KEVIN KLINE movie 'The Emperor's Club,' and integrated busing programs. I went to schools that were 95 percent black and Spanish-speaking. I could gang sign the whole MICKEY MOUSE club, I own a '51 Mercury low-rider, and my first girlfriend was named RACINDA."

Hmm. Was Mr. Roth dating anyone now?

"Allegedly," he replied.

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