Quo Vadimus

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


Oops, first in a series. #001:

I had the peach dream again?

This box of awesome comes out in traditional retail boutiques today (it was previously available here).

Here's an excerpt from the Pop Matters review:

"The other three discs provide the episodes themselves. These follow the rich sketch tradition of hit-or-miss, but the Kids are notable for some of the most fascinatingly experimental misses in comedy history. One bit that stands out is a short film featuring McKinney in a cycle of waking from dreams in bed with different people until he finally wakes up next to some peaches. How confident must a comedy team be to include such an involved non-sequitur (or at least, what seems like a non-sequitur; any interpretations of this sketch are welcome) not only in their first season, but early in their first season?"

McKinney is in this sketch, but he never enters the dream cycle! And the fruit in question is most certainly a single pear. "Some peaches"! I knew I should have applied for PM's "Fruit Editor" position.

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