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Thursday, April 01, 2004


The sweet and savory cross over.

From awkworld.com:

Dear Andrew, Do you like pancakes? If so, how many do you usully eat when you have them? Party Hard! Your friend, Truman
asked by Truman on Friday, March 19, 2004

Dear Truman, This is such a perfect and excellent question - I don't even know where to start with it! I don't just like pancakes, I LOVE pancakes! They are BY FAR one of my most favorite foods! In fact, since I'm reading and writing this, you've inspired me to try to get some pancakes RIGHT NOW! The one thing about pancakes is that it's very easy to get a bad stack batch - and bad pancakes are not even worth eating (unlike some bad foods, which are still worth choking down). When you go to new restaraunt and order pancakes, it's really all up in the air - a total gamble. You could get a steaming stack of light and fluffy and deliciously perfectly golden brown cakes, or you could get the most gluey, heavy, dense, crummy pile of dough that no amount of syrup or butter or topping will ever save. I'm a strong believer in the short stack, as well as silver dollar cakes. I'm also a big supporter when it comes to including additional ingredients inside the batter, before the cakes are griddled. I prefer bananas, chocolate chips, walnuts, strawberries, and blueberries inside the cakes - sometimes all of them together at once. I like a little salted butter melted on top (whipped butter is best), and some real maple syrup (if they only have table syrup then it's just a drop here and there - I'll only swim the pancakes in the syrup if it's maple syrup). I like the cakes to be browned, and maybe even a little crispy on the edges. I had a friend who's mother would prepare pancakes in a pan soaked in melted butter, and essentially pan fry the cakes until they had a deep fried funnel cake vibe, which was good, but a little saturated and soaked with oil. Another thing to think about is to stay straight savory with the cakes (meaning, just butter - no toppings and no syrup, so that they can be used more as "breakfast biscuits" and eaten along with sausage and egg), or to go sweet cake style (lots of syrup, fruit, chocolate chips, and maybe even whipped cream). The savory way is good and the sweet way is more like desert. I don't personally enjoy the sweet and savory cross over (like syrup and jelly on the egg and bacon pieces). I like it to stay confined and dedicated. You know? As far as the quantity of pancake, that all depends on whether the pancake is complimenting the meal, or if it is the main course. I'll do upwards of 6 plate sized cakes if they make up the bulk of the meal, but if they are a side dish delegation, I'll usually just do 2 or 3. I'm not opposed to whole grain or multi grain cakes, I'll try any sort of batter idea. In the end, I LOVE PANCAKES, and I'm going to go try and bite some right now! Chew with you later! Thanks for your question, Truman! NEVER LET DOWN! Your friend, Andrew W.K.
answered by Andrew W.K. on Saturday, March 20 , 2004 1:07 AM

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