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Tuesday, April 27, 2004


What was I thinking?

Great Salon inteview with "Drew the Intern", who just completed a two-episode run on NBC's The Restaurant.

Here's the best stuff:

Did you have any idea of how you would be portrayed on the show?

From what I understand, they make me look really, really bad. Whatever. I'm really not that bad. I might seem a little cocky at times, but under no circumstances am I a monster.

Were you ever told how to behave?

There was no coaching involved, no scripting. I'm not an actor. I was doing this because it was a chance for me to get my name out there and to hang with the top people in the business. You can't regret an experience, positive or negative, when you've learned something from it.

And what did you learn from this experience?

Don't insult the boss. Don't call the boss names. I shouldn't have ever said what I said. I would apologize to Rocco if I could.

Yeah, what were you thinking when you called Rocco "Captain Douchebag"?

What was I thinking? I was thinking he was a douchebag!

I had a lot of problems with Rocco. I could tell when I first shook his hand that he didn't like me. He insulted me and called me names over the phone, so instead of making a scene in the restaurant, I just simply called him a name. Maybe it wasn't the right time, the right place, the right person or the right name, but it turned the entire show around.

Is it a little weird to become a TV reality show character, to go from being Drew Abruzzese to being "Drew, the intern from hell"?

Oh god. The first day I was reading all that stuff, I was freaking out. I was like, what are they doing? They're making me out to be a jerk-off! But now my name is in every major newspaper in the U.S. I'm like, I'll be as bad as you want me to be. If I knew all I had to do was be a dick, I would've done that five years ago, because now I'm getting all this publicity.

Jeffrey called me yesterday and was a little upset. He feels bad about how they were making me look. I was like, who cares? Let's just have fun. A year from now, who's really going to remember this anyway?
UPDATE: Selling your soul.

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