Quo Vadimus

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


Fun Movie News. #094:

"He used to answer the phone in this terrible American accent," recalls Martin. "And his friends used to call him Stanley."

Here's a little piece [via GreenCine Daily] about this film Colour Me Kubrick (tease here).

QV confession: I attempted to become "Wes Anderson" in 1998. I showed up on the first day of shooting for Rushmore and successfully hoodwinked Seymour Cassel prior to being gloriously "unmasked" by Brian Cox after I unleashed a series of unconvincing riffs on Hal Ashby, Barry Lyndon, and late-period Bunuel at the Kraft services table. I told Kumar Pallana about what I had done and he laughed. A lot. His laugh is very contagious, so then I started laughing and then Owen Wilson (kite-high) comes over and was all "what's so funny, man" and then we all started laughing even more and then the real Wes Anderson came over and said "Bill's here, we're starting" and then I was escorted off the set by Mason Gamble. He seemed annoyed and spit on my car. Maximumfuntimes.

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