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Sunday, May 09, 2004


I Like These Films, Do You Like These Films? #008-009:

Ginger Snaps (John Fawcett, 2000) and Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed (Brett Sullivan, 2004)

"Rocky runs, Rocky plays, Rocky remembers the good old days." - Ghost

Superb Canadian lycanthropy cinema, view ASAP, etc. The mesmerizing Unleashed (metaphor update: the original's adolescence shifts to drug addiction here) is definitely one of the most impressive sequels in cinema history. Emily Perkins rules again, better effects (via the mighty KNB this go-round), and a great new character, Ghost, brilliantly played by Tatiana Maslany -- it's the year's best performance. Plus: Margot Kidder's niece is in it.

It's sad that import genre gems like these (not to mention domestic fare like Lucky McKee's May - rare lucidity from Ebert!) cannot get even get a decent limited theatrical run yet stuff like the mostly repellant The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake opens on 3,000+ screens.

Finally: A prequel is due out later this year. Right clickety-click up the teaser trailer.

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