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Monday, May 03, 2004


On the next Arrested Development...

From Heather Havrilesky's latest "I Like To Watch" Salon column:

Developmentally challenged

Which is why, when something truly unique and tweaked and absurd comes along, we all feel so certain that the malevolent mutants in power will snatch it away from us like a mean mommy snatching "The Hite Report" out of our curious little toddler hands.

This is not the proper attitude, of course. And since I've neglected to embrace an attitude of hope and optimism throughout this column, I'll put my pride and pessimism on hold for a millisecond and open my heart to the Fox network on a very pressing and important matter:

Dear Fox Network,

O great master of "The O.C." and "Paradise Hotel," you are wise indeed! So wise that you're sure to pick up "Arrested Development" for another season. Naturally you recognize that it's the best new comedy on TV by far. And your omniscience allows you to see far into the future, to next season at this time, when the show will have doubled its audience merely through those twin forces that buoy every classic show: quality and word of mouth. With all of your supreme foresight and discernment, you see clearly this is the kind of show that gains momentum during its second season. People are just starting to talk about how dearly they love this show! They love it more than they love "King of the Hill." They love it more than they ever loved "Malcolm in the Middle" or "That '70s Show." They love it far more than "Las Vegas," which is not good. They never tuned in for "Forever Eden," but they heard that it sucked.

"Arrested Development" is truly funny. You recognize how rare and beautiful that is, don't you? You do, don't you, O wise and powerful Fox network? Of course you do, for you are pure love.


Your Helpless Puppet

P.S.: You are pure love, aren't you?

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