Quo Vadimus

Friday, June 04, 2004


Telly Alert. #028:

Sunday, 6 June:

Arrested Development, 1.22 : Let 'Em Eat Cake [Season Finale; second episode directed by Paul Feig].
Prediction: More of the funny.

The Sopranos, 5.13: All Due Respect [Season Finale].
Prediction: The Russian will return and kill everyone except P. Walnuts. Next season, with new executive producer Mark Burnett taking over for David Chase*, will focus on their attempts to open a coffee shop in Nutley. Non-spoiler TV Tome tidbits: "Johnny Sack turns up the heat; Carmela counts her blessings; Christopher has an unexpected visitor; A.J. demonstrates his business acumen."

*Chase will remain the show's "oneiric consultant" so expect the entire roster of characters to constantly haunt the dreamscapes of Valery and Paulie.

Deadwood, 1.11: Jewel's Boot is Made for Walking (written by Ricky Jay!).
Prediction: Sleight of hand and profanity.

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