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Sunday, July 25, 2004


Is your green army jacket the only thing keeping you warm tonight?

The glorious Shout! Factory released some info on the Freaks and Geeks soundtrack, which is due out on September 14th:

When series producers Paul Feig and Judd Apatow discovered nearly 40,000 "Freaks and Geeks" fans had signed an online petition pledging to buy a future release of the DVD, they quickly prompted executives at Shout! Factory and DreamWorks to brave the music licensing issues and commit to a Freaks and Geeks DVD release. Freaks And Geeks Original Soundtrack features the series' best songs, courtesy of The Who, Joan Jett, Rush, XTC and more. Mike Andrews' original score, plus unforgettable cast recordings such as Nick's ode to Lindsay, "Lady L.," round out the 25 memorable tracks. The soundtrack is the perfect companion to the six-disc DVD set released by Shout! Factory earlier this year, and will retail for a suggested price of $18.98.

Judd Apatow revealed a few more tracks yesterday on the freaksandgeeks.com board:

Posted on: July 24, 04
Posted by: Judd Apatow judd@freaksandgeeks.com

Spacefunk is in there, plus Lady L, Feedback singing Up On Cripple Creek, Rosso singing Eighteen in his office, and some gorgeous Mike Andrews score. Oh, and Millie singing Jesus is Just Alright With Me.

Finally, a postcard that Shout! Factory passed out at the San Diego Comic-Con revealed a few more:

Bad Reputation - Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
Poor Poor Pitiful Me - Warren Zevon
Look Sharp! - Joe Jackson
No Language in our Lungs - XTC
The Spirit of Radio - Rush
I'm One - The Who
The Groove Line - Heatwave
Come Sail Away - Styx
Dumb as a Crayon - The Leaving Trains

UPDATE: Full track listing.

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