Quo Vadimus

Tuesday, July 06, 2004


Quo Dynamite.

So on Sunday I was sitting at a table outside of my fave indie coffee house sipping a grande cappuccino and re-reading "The Smoker", from David Schickler's Kissing in Manhattan. I was then approached by a Young Mexican Man who called me "Sir" and held out a wrapped cigar. I cautiously accepted the cigar. YMM then entered the coffe house and returned to the outdoor seating area with a water. He sat down and quickly noticed an Older Bearded Gentlemen smoking a pipe. YMM lept up from his seat and went to his car, returning with more cigars. Seemingly concerned that the OBG's pipe would not provide a sufficient amount of morning tobacco, YMM offered OBG a few cigars, which were enthusiastically received. The YMM and the OBG then had a brief conversation about tobacco. Is this handing out of cigars some 4 July tradition that I'm not aware of? Was this YMM a new parent, dispensing some overstock? Was he running for class president at some summer school unit? Upon finishing the water, the YMM got up, said farewell to the OBG, went to his car, and drove off. The OBG's motorcycle buddies arrived and they drove off. I returned to the Schickler book.

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