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Tuesday, August 17, 2004



From the September 2004 issue of Harper's magazine:

From an e-mail message sent on June 9 by eighteen-year-old Melissa Denton to about twenty of her friends. Her father, Mike Denton, is a trustee of the Board of Education in Linden, Michigan.

Hey everyone!!!
If you are registered to vote, next Monday is the Linden Board Election and we all have to vote for John Walsh and Nancy Donlan ... Not the Plumb/Wright assholes.
My Dad says that if they win he will let me have people over and will buy all of us beer. I'm talking like 20 cases, people. Minimum.
(But don't tell him I told you because I think I am only supposed to use that as a last resort.)
But he will only do it if they win. So all of you vote for them because free beer is tight.
Thanks and love you all!!


P.S. And if you are wondering why the hell my Dad would care ... It's because he's on the school board and he doesn't want to get stuck with pieces of shit.


So, how did Melissa do? Donlan won. But so did asshole/piece of shit Wright! 1 out of 2. So was that worth 10 cases? Maximum. The QV proudly presents the 2004-2005 Linden Community Schools Board Members.

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