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Monday, September 13, 2004


The Brown Bunny. #043:

More of the same here, but sprinkled with fun new bits like:

You kind of imply that you don't like Spike Jonze's or Wes Anderson's films very much. Which filmmakers do you like?

Well, the reason I bring up those people is because I'm not offended by the mainstream; I'm more offended by the mainstream posturing as something else. In other words, I can watch a Jennifer Aniston film and enjoy it, but somehow, when I get to Spike, it's like there's nothing in it for me. It's not soulful and it's not easy. Not that I hate it as the enemy; there's just nothing in it for me. It's not easy to watch in the way that if I'm stuck on a plane I can watch a Sandy* Bullock film and enjoy it completely - cry, laugh, all those things.

I like very much Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo. I remember once I was flying back and forth from Japan and I watched it four times and I loved it. But there's something about that other level - there's just nothing in it for me. It doesn't even come close to the honesty or the soul or the impressions that I got from so many other films.

*Sandy. Nice.

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