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Saturday, October 23, 2004



From Rocklopedia Fakebandica:

Smoosh - An Oasis parody, featuring the two most bored, jaded English brothers in the world, Ian Shropshire (David Cross) and Clive Shropshire (Bob Odenkirk) in a sketch from show #305 of HBO's Mr. Show. They can't get excited about their album, Space Age Super Suit, going triple platinum or about being the first rock band on the moon. (Also in the sketch was Norma Jean Monster). [QV note: Clive also told the M. Pinfieldesque VJ (Tom Ennis) that he liked cheese.]

So I guess there's a real band called Smoosh now?! And they're pre-teen sisters from Seattle? Good lord. Not sure how I was not aware of this (stories have been out there for a few months and I'm sure at least six of the 3.9 million active .mp3 bloggers have been on it) until seeing a blurb in the new EW ("Bouncy, surprisingly sophisticated pop songs ...").

I'll get this record, obviously.

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