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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Everybody buckle up!

So I was gonna type up an excerpt from The Believer's Sarah Silverman interview, but then I noticed that they selected the very same excerpt on their non-full-text teaser page. Ha ha.

So I saved myself some typing with that, so let's try these:

BLVR: When you were a kid, did you listen to the LPs of your comedy idols over and over again, memorizing their act?

SS: My mother had a live Woody Allen double record and we listened to that all the time. And I loved Steve Martin's Let's Get Small. I was just in love with Steve Martin. I wrote his name on the ceiling in my bedroom. And it's still there. I go home, I can still see it. I got interested in art because I read he loved art. I also read somewhere that he loved David Hockney, so suddenly I loved David Hockney. Which, in retrospect is funny, since he's so very California, and I was a sixteen-year-old girl in New Hampshire.


SS promises what I hope will be the offical slogan for the Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny marketing campaign: "It's gonna be some sweet shit."


BLVR: I recall a conversation with Bill Hicks's parents, wherein they described him as a "preacher." Do you ever see yourself in those terms at all?

SS: I don't think of myself as a preacher. I don't preach. But I do like the idea of saying things that force people to have opinions. We live in a whole country of managers and agents, in a way, where no one wants to say what they think. No one really knows what they think until they get a sense of what the general consensus is. But diarrhea is always funny. I can talk about black teenagers having babies, Jews driving German cars, the "alleged" Holocaust, and then follow it up with a diarrhea joke and all of a sudden everyone's friends again.

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