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Wednesday, May 12, 2004


Fun Movie News. #083:

Genre gem week continues with a status check of the delicious cast being assembled for Bobby Zombie's The Devil's Rejects. The QV contacted the QT to get his take on it and he said: "Two words, alright: POWER. HOUSE."


Reprising their roles from House of 1000 Corpses:
- Bill Moseley
- Sid Haig (Attn: directors other than QT and Zombie. Feel free to cast this guy. He's, um, awesome. I'd also like to note that Haig's Captain Spaulding headgear is the best use of a "mini-hat" since a drunken Bill Haverchuk put one of those Dairy Queen baseball helmets atop his head in "Beers and Weirs".)
- Sheri Moon
- Karen Black

- Tyler Mane
- Steve Railsback
- P.J. Soles (!!!!)
- Ken Foree (Foree's site)
- Michael Berryman (!!!!)
- Kane Hodder
- Diamond Dallas Page
- Danny Trejo (just added)

UPDATE: William Forsythe

UPDATE 2: Natasha Lyonne

UPDATE 3: Leslie Easterbrook is the new Mother Firefly (I decided to skip going to bloody-disgusting.com on a work PC so I'll check out the news of the first scene later). Plus: Rosario Dawson and M.C. Gainey.

UPDATE 4: Lion's Gate: "Mr. Zombie is far exceeding our expectations."

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